Saturday, September 02, 2006

Sector Watch

Although every blogger has their opinions of what the markets will do, here is what I think:


The nasdaq, along with the dow and S&P, managed a very low volume rise in August. With September being historically the worst month, I think the sellers will come back with full force. I expect the nasdaq to at least double bottom, if not break that bottom and go lower.

Crude oil

Crude oil recently hit its bottom trendline. Historically, Gold and oil has done well in September. With the fundamentals unchanged (demand still exceeding supply), I fully expect crude oil to continue it's uptrend.


Gold is a special commodity, in that it is more affected by psychology than by fundamentals. Unlike other commodities, which depend on supply and demand, gold is dependent on the dilution of paper currency, and on whether the people are willing to value gold as money. Right now, I believe people do think of gold as money, and thus, it will rise long term. Having said that, on the short term, I wouldn't be surprised if gold tries to double bottom (hit 600 or lower), before building a stronger base and moving upwards.


Copper is one of my favorite commodities, since the demand is so strong, that copper didn't drop that much despite all the "speculators" bailing on it. (Speculators bailed on all commodity stocks in May). Even though copper may retest $3.00 in the short/medium term, over the long term, I expect copper to remain a leader and to make new highs as the commodities bull market continues.

Cameco Corporation (CCJ)

Cameco is my favorite commodities stock, because uranium is the only commodity that never goes down. Contract prices of uranium is controlled by a small group of people. With uranium demand exceeding supply by 100%, uranium prices will continue to go up, making uranium companies more and more valuble. Cameco has already consolidated very strongly since the perceived "bubble" that occured in May. I think another breakout is imminent, and Cameco will rise to 55-60 dollars US in the short/medium term.


Other stocks I like include Freeport Mcmoran Copper (FCX) , which is my favorite copper stock since Phelps Dodge Corp (PD) decided to diversify and Yamana Gold (AUY), which is the best mid tier gold growth stock since Glamis Gold Ltd (GLG) was bought by Goldcorp Inc .


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