Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Currently, I do not have any trading positions. I sold my Cameco call position for a gain of 144%. I will probably buy Cameco again at some point, but on a short term basis, the stock appears overbought and in need of a rest. By the way, this trade has allowed me to withdraw enough money to make all the money in my brokerage accounts free. This feels really good because it had been my goal since the beginning of the year.

The markets are locked in a sideways trading pattern for the moment. Although I have a bearish bias on the markets, I do not feel comfortable owning any positions. The reason is because the seasonality is too strong to go short, and my bearish views prevent me from going long.

Also, I would like to thank The Kirk Report for linking my blog today. It was fun to watch my blog's traffic jump from an average of 30 unique visitors to over 300. Thanks Charles!


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